Monday, 9 July 2018


Well, it's certainly been ages since my last post. I never intended to keep a weekly update on the blog, but I do hope to be a bit more regular than previously, from now on.

My main focus of late has been to play as many games of Bolt Action as possible in order to get familiar with this great set of rules, whilst at the same time start to paint a few hundred points of miniatures and expand the terrain collection with more suitable pieces for these games.

Table setup for a recent game.

We're waiting for buildings to be delivered!

Well, the terrain is starting to come along, with the addition of corn and ploughed fields to the generic terrain collection. I've ordered quite a few MDF buildings, which should be here in a day or so, but will need painting (urgh!)

The uniforms look far less 'blue' in real life!
I've also finally managed to finish my first batch of figures, in the form of these Warlord Games plastic Veteran Grenadiers. The figures are very nice, with well proportioned heads compared to some of the plastic kits I've seen, but I hate painting, so the mass of equipment seemed to take ages to complete, but here, at last, are my first completed troops.

This Panzer IV Ausf H is a WIP still.
 I've also managed to build my first ever plastic Tank! This is a lovely kit, although I thought the build instructions that came with it were a little light, the whole thing is lovely when built and the cards and templates that come with it are a nice bonus. I'll finish this fellow off tomorrow and am pretty pleased with it so far.

Thanks to occasional gaming buddy Matt from the excellent Blog 'The Wargames Table', I've also put together these blast markers. I first saw the design used for a BatRep on Matts Blog and was really impressed by them. Matts versions are far better than mine, but they look good enough and I'm chuffed to have them ready for use in our games as we start to expand on the armies and equipment on the table.

OK then, that's it for now, but I'll have more to show for Bolt Action in the very near future as more painting a terrain projects begin to unfold!


  1. Dave,
    That table is looking really good mate! Plenty of cover for your Germans. The MDF buildings are good fun to build - although I know you're not a fan of painting ;o)
    Your Germans look absolutely spiffing too. The camo looks especially good.
    Thanks for the kind comments about the blast markers. Yours look splendid plus you've put them on sensible bases - need to do that with mine to stop 'em falling over.
    Looking forward to seeing a few AARs as your collection grows.

    1. Cheers Matt! My Germans need plenty of cover, that's for sure :-) Not long now for AAR's. Once the table is complete and few more minis are painted...

  2. Getting there me ol son. Going for overkill with the assault rifles? Keep up the good work, got a game tonight at the club.

    1. Yes indeed George! Late war mate, no cheesy army lists here at all!! ;-) To be honest, we're still at the point where soaking up points is necessary to get even a small game, so lots of veterans and lots of extras where available! More troops have arrived though, so all will change soon enough.