Thursday, 5 April 2018

And so it begins!

One of the things I like about being a so called 'grown up' is that I can make the excitement of Birthdays, Christmas and even Fathers Day now, happen pretty much any time I want and it's still just as exciting opening a new box of toys as it was when I was a young lad!

What you see in the picture above is the start of what may well become a Bolt Action addiction. All gamers like to be addicted to a game or three and we can rest assured that gaming addiction, of any kind, doesn't (often) lead us to end up as a shell of a human being, wasting away in the gutters of a sorry life of crime and degradation, waiting for our next fix. Anyway, I hope it doesn't!

Actually, of the items shown, I'd already bought the Rulebook so that I could immerse myself in the rules before committing to the laborious task of prepping and painting many new toys. After reading said Rulebook and deciding that this was the way to go (I've tried Chain of Command. The less said about that the better), I proceeded to purchase a couple of sets of orders dice. So, in fact, todays excitement was only really for the three boxes of plastic goodness from Warlord Games.

I know, I know, why three and why three different nationalities? I could try to justify it by saying that I had to get more than one nationality because I need to paint up more than one side of the conflict to play at home and whilst that is kind of true, the real reason is that I like all of them and couldn't decide which to do first. Whilst I would normally be able to 'man up' and choose one nation to start with, when I went to do just that, I was presented with an Easter Offer from Warlord giving me a 33% saving and post free on orders over £50, so I thought, what the hell, lets just go for it and see where the road leads!

I'll show progress reports of where the road actually does lead in due course...


  1. A good start sir! I began with German Panzergrenadiers and when that was nearly complete (yeah, like any collection is *ever* really complete) I started on regular British, closely followed by British Airborne. Yes it is an addiction.
    BA offers a game with enough historical 'feel' to be interesting and also plenty of heroic action to boot!
    Really looking forward to seeing how these projects develop.

    1. I'm looking forward to it developing too Matt. I'm happy if a game gives a decent look and feel for a period. The most important thing for me is having fun with it!

  2. As Matt points out, it will never end. Going to review my own forces this year and add some stuff.

    1. I'll watch to see what you add in George. I hope we can get a game or two in, if real life allows me to! I've ordered the German Armies book too, so expect to get going with them first.